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GATEWEN LGV provide courses for the category B + E (car and trailer)


Courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skill required to achieve a successful pass result. The following courses are available.


  • 1 day refresher course (for individuals who have previously failed their B+E test and require extra training for the re-test)


  • 1 day crash course ( forgive the title, we don’t crash , hopefully ! ) this is a  full one days intense training with a test last thing on that very same day ! very popular and successfull for people who have been towing and reversing already and now need the licence.


  • 2 day experienced course (for individuals who have towing experience but need to learn the correct procedures for the DSA test)


  • 3 days+ novice course (for persons with little if no towing experience who require to pass their test)

Useful links and downloads - Also view the Tutorial Video below.


Courses are available weekly on request. The use of our vehicle and trailer is included in all prices, although the option to use your own is available providing it meets with the DSA test requirements. There are no theory tests for the B+E entitlement.


As you have already passed your DSA driving test you will already know the basics of driving, so the aim of the  B+E training course is to train you to drive a vehicle with the trailer attached, you will be taken through the different on road procedures for a larger vehicle as well as shown how to correctly couple and un-couple a trailer safely.

The test for the B+E has the same requirements for the LGV test, including the reversing exercise.

Special Notes: Changes to the licensing and testing system on January 1st 1997 saw the introduction of one completely new test, the B+E.


Although this test has been around for some years now, a huge number of people including some instructors are completely unaware of it. This has lead to numerous incidents of people driving unlicensed, and uninsured through ignorance of the law.


The regulations regarding the towing of trailers, written by the European committee were not designed in a way that is straightforward or easy to understand. The resulting rules are extremely confusing and are a minefield for the unwary.


The following is a summary of the rules, this is in no way a full explanation of the requirements or regulations surrounding the B+E licence


  • A B+E driving licence is required to tow a large trailer behind a motor vehicle

  • A driver without a B+E licence can tow a trailer providing the gross weight of the trailer is less than the un-laden weight of the towing vehicle. The whole combination must weigh less than 3500kg  

  • A post 1997 licence holder can tow a trailer with a gross weight of around 1.5 tonnes providing the towing vehicle and trailer are carefully matched. If the matching is not done correctly it will fail to comply with the exemption therefore resulting in possible prosecution.

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