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GATEWEN LGV Training. Where to start and how it works!!    


You start with the catagory C - The provisional licence:


Before you can complete any training or DVSA tests you must have the correct provisional entitlement on your licence.

To gain the provisional you need to apply to the DVLA using the D2 application form pack, this also invoves having a doctor complete the medical D4 form. Your licence will take upto 3 weeks to be returned... use this time to study for your theory tests

The introduction of the DRIVER CPC for LGV drivers in 2009 brought changes to the requirements to becoming an LGV driver.  The new INITIAL DRIVER CPC meant that the age restriction of 21 years was lifted, leaving the door open for any person over the age of 18 who holds a category B (car) licence.


  • C Over 7.5 tonne (18 years of age or above)


  • C+E Articulated Vehicles (after passing category C)

The next step is the theory


  • Module 1 - Theory Test - Any person wanting to upgrade to the C entiltement must pass this test


This is a computer based test that requires a minimum pass mark.  It involves 2 tests, the Hazard perception and Multiple choice.


  • Module 2 - Initial CPC Case Test Study - This test must be passed if you do not have the automatic C1 entitlement on your licence


Click here for Drivers’ hours and tachographs rules: goods vehicles (GV262)

This is another computer based test that requires a minimum pass mark.  You must obtain a pass in module 1 before taking module 2.


Once you have completed your Module 1 Theory test, you can begin your practical training.  Your course will be booked at a time to suit, with your test being the last day of training.


Once you have your provisional licence your are elligible to complete a practical assessment drive, it is not a requirement, however you may find it usefull in helping you make a decision on your training requirments. the assement wil last for 4 hours and cover on road driving and the reversing exersice. your instructor will de-brief you afterwards.


Then its onto the Practical lessons! - Module 3 Practical Driving Test

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LGV Show me tell me questions.

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